Pharos Expert Repeat

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Pharos Expert Repat

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The Pharos Expert Repeat is a powerful and versatile lighting control device that allows you to extend the reach and functionality of your Pharos lighting system. This compact and easy-to-use device is specifically designed to help you control your lighting in large-scale installations, such as museums, theaters, and concert halls.

The Pharos Expert Repeat can extend your DMX signal up to 300 meters, ensuring that your lighting commands reach every fixture in your system. It can also be used to distribute DMX signals across multiple universes, making it easy to control large numbers of fixtures without the need for additional hardware.

With its intuitive touch screen interface and advanced programming capabilities, the Pharos Expert Repeat is incredibly easy to use. It allows you to create complex lighting scenes and sequences with ease, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your lighting system.

The Pharos Expert Repeat also features built-in WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control your lighting system remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re a lighting professional or simply looking to add some creative flair to your space, the Pharos Expert Repeat is the perfect tool for creating stunning lighting displays that are sure to impress.