NF18 SPI Dual White | SPI Controlled Dual White Neon Flex

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SPI Controlled Dual White 24V LED Neon Flex

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NF18 Dual White SPI LED Neon Flex from NeoFlex is manafactured to the custom required lengths and professionally sealed to ensure a long life and high performance

Perfect for effect and accent lighting in a host of situations the Qual White SPI series offers a classy and effective design, the overall quality ensures no spotting in the product

NF18 Dual White SPI is compatible with Advatek & ETC Control Systems.

  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Control Type: Direct SPI
  • Avalible Colours: Dual White
  • Watts Per Meter: 16W
  • LED Type: SMD 5050
  • LEDs P/M: 70
  • Cut Length: 10CM

Control Options

The NF18 Dual White SPI Neon Flex is compatible Advatek & ETC Control Systems