Arcolectric Illuminated Double Pole Single Throw (DPST), Latching Rocker Switch Panel Mount

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Double Pole I/O Switch

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Splashproof, 6000 Series Rocker Switches

A range of splashproof double pole rocker switches designed for panel mounting. The IP44 rated switches feature clever channels at each side of the Soft-line actuator directing any moisture or water droplets away from current-carrying parts. This unique feature makes the 6000 series of splash-proof rocker switches ideal for environments where equipment is exposed to damp or wet conditions. The latching on-off switches are available with a black body in a choice of illuminated or non- illuminated depending on the application and design requirements.

Features and benefits
• I/O markings
• An option of red or green illumination
• 3 mm contact gap with positive break switching
• Easy touch rocker actuator
• Snap-in plastic prongs on the switch sides for secure panel retention
• 30 x 22.1 mm cut out
• Connection via push on receptacles
• DPST configuration
• AC Mains rated

Typical applications for rocker switches

Rocker switches are one of the most frequently used electrical switches in the market today. The splashproof 6000 series switches are ideal for applications where the presence of moisture is a possibility.