SPI Matrix Pro | LED Strip Studio Art-Net to SPI & Stand alone SPI controller

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Advanced pixel LED controller, which supports Art-Net/sACN  and DMX. Also working in stand-alone mode, which allows you to play pixel LED content from SD card. Device allows you to control up to 4096 Digital RGB LEDs or 3072 RGBW LEDs

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The LED Strip Studio Art-Net to SPI Standard controller offers the ability to control up to 4096 pixels, or 6 Art-Net Universes.

With high reliability and a plethora of protocols including DMX, the SPI matrix series is a complete solution for pixel control.


  • Max RGB/RGBW LED’s: 4096
  • SPI Outputs: 4
  • Max LED Out Per Port RGB/RGBW: 1024/768
  • Max Current: 10A
  • Power Connector: 4 Pin phoenix terminal
  • SPI Out: 4 Pin Phoenix terminal
  • Dimensions: 142 X 69 X 44 (Without Brackets)


Inside the box:

  • SPI MATRIX Controller
  • QuickStart Guide
  • 64GB Micro SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • “L” Mount Brackets
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • 5 x Terminal Block Plugs
  • Screws
  • Super Fancy Ballpoint Pen with Touch Screen Tip


Why LED Strip Studio?:

  • Art-Net or sACN SPI decoder
  • Can control up to 4096 individual LED pixel diodes (or 3072 RGBW LEDs)
  • First class technical support (quick firmware updates, new features, …)
  • 4 separate SPI outputs for pixel LED strips, pixels or bars
  • Every output can control up to 1024 individual LED pixels
  • Every standard Art-Net software or lighting console supported: Madrix, grandMA, Resolume, Chamsys, Mad Mapper, Enttec ELM, and others
  • Setup the device using your iPhone or Android device using web configuration
  • Integrated animation scheduler (perfect for stand-alone applications)Stand-alone mode with multiple device synchronization
  • Built-in differential signal buffer (The Symmetrizer) for long distance SPI signal transmission(tested for 500+ meters)Art-Net recorder software
  • Separate DMX512 output for standard RGB LED strips controlled over DMX LED dimmers
  • Can be controlled over DMX512 input
  • Supported LED chips (IC): TM1809, TM1803, SK6812, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812b, APA102, APA102-65536, APA104, LPD8806, SM16716, SM16726 and many more
  • RGBW support (3 or 4 color channel per pixel can be used), maximum number of RGBW LEDs is 3072