SLIM 512 / 1024 | Art-Net & DMX Controller

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SLIM stand Alone interface is the ideal DMX512 control software package for all indoor installations and projects. It can be easily wall mounted on any surface. On the front side, mechanical switch buttons and the LED Display use some nice LED with deep Blue color. All connection are inside the housing and it can fit to Europe and US wall plug standards.

The offer includes an Interface with 512 or 1024 Stand Alone DMX Channels that can playblack a show without a computer. It includes a powerful Stand Alone mode to run scenes without a computer use and trigger scenes scheduled by time or calendar. The interface is compatible Windows and Mac Os X systems and has the CE certification.

Additional information

Key Features

Wall Mounted: Wall hanging, extra thin housing

Live & Stand Alone: Outstanding functionality and reliability for both live show control and permanent lighting installations.

Multiple Zone: 5 Zones, play up to 5 different scenes/sequences at time in Stand Alone

Internal Clock: Time Clock setting and calendar adjustable in Stand Alone

Architectural: Perfect for all indoor installations & projects and available in White or Black housing

The SLIM Stand Alone interface provides a wall-mounted solution designed for indoor installations and projects requiring a user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing lighting control panel. Easily mounted on any surface, the control panel fits standard European and US wall plug.

Technical Specifications

Hardware & DMX (Software & Live) SLIM 512 SLIM 1024
LED PLAYER, PRO DMX (in/Out) 512 (Split x2) 1024 (2×512)
Max Device Connected 12 (USB) 12 (USB – 24 DMX)
RDM (Remote Device Management) Yes, Pro DMX 2 only
International Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions (mm / in) H: 130 (5.12), W: 110 (4.33), D: 20 (0.79)
Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification 0.17 Kg (0.37 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
Stand Alone
DMX Out (16-bit channels) 512 (Split x2) 1024 (2×512)
Zone (Scene play a time) 1 5
MASTER / SLAVE Synchro (Wired) Yes, (32 max wired , up to 64 DMX out)
Default start scene, Automatic Scene Recovery if off, Scene priority, Clock Yes
Power Input: 5~24V DC, 0.15A / Output: 5V DC
Memory (Stand Alone)
Memory Step capacity 6K ~30K 3K ~15K
Max Scene capacity 512
SD Card expansion slot (for Class 10 Micro SD) Yes (FAT format, max. 256 GB, Class 10)
Internal memory (No SD required) Yes, 8 MB
DMX In & Merge DMX No Yes
Smart Contacts (on/off, release, start, priority) 5 (31 max), on 3~5V
RTC (Built in Clock and Calendar) Yes
Buttons (mode, valid, select x8, + and -) Yes
Master/Slave Port Yes, (x32 max wired)
Mode activation & Manual Clock setting Yes
Infrared remote (Play, Pause, stop, dimmer, speed) Optional
Light Intensity sensor Optional
Software SLIM 512 SLIM 1024
LED PLAYER Up to 64 x 512 DMX Outputs
PRO DMX 30 mns Audio and Video Timeline
STUDIO DMX 3D viewer in real time (Full mode)
WI-LIGHT 2 – Mobile APP Software and device control from LAN
2022 Chromateq software Yes
Worldwide Technical Support Yes, English, French, Chinese​
Art-Net, sACN, DVI, Outputs
ART-NET, sACN Outputs (LED PLAYER, PRO DMX) 512 1024 (2×512)
MIDI, RS232, DMX IN, UDP, Keyboard, Hyperlinks Yes
MIDI control, Audio BEAT, BPM, WI-LIGHT 2 Yes
User Interface customization Yes