PixNet PT30 RGB 30 Pitch Digital Pixel Tape

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PixNet LED Pixel Tape is manufactured using the highest quality components and latest technology ensuring the best possible build, functionality and reliability.

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SKU PT30RGB-12V-8808

LED: 5050 RGB

LED Quantity: 30 P/M

Pixel: 30 P/M

IC: LC8808 compatible with UCS1903 Dual Data

Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Watts: 10 watts P/M

Current: .8 Amps P/M

Wavelength: Red 620-623nm, Green 517.5-520nm, Blue467.5-470 nm

MCD: Red 800-900, Green 1600-1800, Blue 500-600

Lumen P/M: Red 75-90, Green 150-180, Blue 45-60

Gray Scale: 256 Levels

Environment: IP65

PCB Colour: Black or White

PCB: 4 oz

Dimensions:  10*3*5000mm



PixNet Tape utilises a polyolefin sleeving to provide an IP65 level of protection.

The sleeving will protect from knocks and scuffs, liquids and dust in most normal environments, for IP 68 rated tape, please speak to your local sales rep.



The Advanced capabilities of the latest iteration of the SMD5050 LED with 8808 package allows us to provide a high quality product with fast refresh rates, a good lifespan, high compatibility at 12V DC, the chip also allows for individual pixel control.

When using 8808 if you suddenly loose data, the pixels will stay in the last known state instead of blacking out to avoid a venue losing its atmosphere.



That’s double the standard of 2 Oz to help with voltage drop over long runs and big installs, product quality and lifespan.

Our research and development has allowed us to effectively determine the best design and pcb weight for efficiency whilst still maintaining our fair prices.