PixNet 4 Digital Pixel Controller

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Art-Net to SPI / TTL Device by PixNet Control

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PixNet 4 Digital Pixel Controller

The PixNet 4 is a powerful Art-Net / sACN to digital pixel controller using the latest high-end processor

As well as being able to convert 48 Art-Net / sACN universes to Digital Pixel protocols it can be used as an Art-Net / sACN to DMX Node.


4 Ports isolated output 4 x 1024 RGB/ 768 RGBW

Expanded mode for non-clocked pixels 8 Outputs 8 x 1024 RGB / 768 RGBW (PixNet 4+: 8 Outputs 8 x 1020 RGB / 768 RGBW)

DMX Node Mode 4 x 512

480MHz High speed MCU with 32M Flash

Single 100M Ethernet Port with POE

Status LED’s

Factory Reset

Wide input range 5-48VDC

Reverse Power protection

Local Power input


Data out 4 x 3 Way Phoenix 3.08mm Screw terminal Plug, (DAT, CLK, GND.)

Local Power Input 1 x 3 Way Phoenix 3.08 Screw terminal Plug (V+ V- GND Physical)

Data Input RJ45 with POE for powering the device


Flexible Setup

The Web User Interface built into the PixNet offers some serious configuration to make programming a breeze, with pixel grouping allowing for multiple pixels under one DMX pixel address, custom port mirroring for universes and per output RGB configuration.


POE Powered

Use a POE system to power your device for live applications, testing & setup.

All pixnet devices as standard work on POE to make life simple, compatible with types A and B they can link into a pre existing system, local power is also available via the phoenix terminals.


Powerful & Quality Internal Components

The PixNet is made from High Quality Components and tested to UKCA & CE levels, our unique application of POE systems for powering the device defies standards and passes EMF tests to ensure uninterrupted data streams.

The high quality Arm Chip allows the PixNet to handle the most strenuous applications without fault, from Art-Net conversion to outputting its own test patterns, avoiding FPS drops and glitches during live and standalone operations.