MR-WT Digital DMX Pixel Address Writer

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Multi-protocol digital DMX pixel address writer.
Digital DMX Pixel Address Writer, Reprogramme and write addresses to your DMX led pixels, RDM compatible.

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Built In Features

  • Built In RDM Set & Test Functions.
  • DMS Console for testing single and multiple devices.
  • RGBW Colour test
  • Pixel Chase Player
  • MR-DMX / UCS / TM / SM / HI Set Functions
  • Auto Test Function


About The Product

The MR Series DMX Pixel Writer offers a 3.5″ Touch screen for easy DMX pixel addressing, the device can have multiple setups including No. Channels for each pixel utilising single colours, dual whites RGB & RGBW modes, No. of DMX pixels on the chain, the start address and lamp No.


Available DMX Protocols

  • DMX05
  • UCS512
  • UCS512C
  • UCS512C4
  • UCS512D
  • ECS512E
  • UCS512F
  • SM16512
  • DMX512AP
  • TM512AL
  • DMX02
  • SM17512
  • SM17522
  • SM17500
  • SM17500_A
  • TM512AB
  • TM512AC
  • TM512AD
  • HI512AO
  • HI512AOZI
  • HI512A4
  • HI512A6