CLUB-E 1024 / PRONET-E | DMX ART-NET Controller

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The new Club-E 1024 is compatible with all Chromateq software, it can be integrated into scalable control systems designed for live performance or fixed installation, or deployed individually without a computer as an elegantly simple but sophisticated standalone control solution.

Additional information

Elevate your lighting control capabilities to a whole new dimension with the Chromateq Club-E1024 ProNet-E. This cutting-edge Ethernet DMX interface is designed to revolutionize your lighting setups, offering unprecedented flexibility and precision for creating captivating light displays for events of all scales.

Key Features:

Enhanced DMX Control: The Club-E1024 ProNet-E is your gateway to superior DMX control. With 1,024 channels at your fingertips, you have the power to effortlessly manage even the most intricate lighting designs. Whether you’re illuminating a nightclub, theatre, or architectural installation, this interface has you covered.

Ethernet Connectivity: Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to seamless Ethernet connectivity. This interface utilizes the power of Ethernet for robust, reliable communication between your lighting controller and fixtures. Enjoy the convenience of long cable runs without signal degradation.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the ProNet-E interface ensures that lighting professionals and beginners alike can navigate and operate it effortlessly. The intuitive user interface streamlines programming and control, saving you time and effort.

Versatile Compatibility: The Club-E1024 ProNet-E seamlessly integrates with a wide range of lighting fixtures, making it the ideal choice for diverse lighting applications, from concerts and stage productions to architectural lighting installations.

Unlock Universes and Timelines: Manage Artnet/sACN universes via the Ethernet port of the computer network card or adapter. Unlock up to 30 minutes of Audio, Video timeline synchronization

Real-Time Visualization: Visualize your lighting designs in real-time using Chromateq’s powerful software. Preview your light shows before they go live, ensuring every detail is perfect and aligning with your creative vision.

Compact and Durable: Built with portability and durability in mind, this interface is compact and robust, making it ideal for both on-the-go setups and permanent installations. Its rugged design ensures it can withstand the demands of professional use.

Extensive Software Support: The ProNet-E interface is fully compatible with Chromateq’s industry-leading lighting software, ensuring you have access to a wealth of tools and effects to bring your lighting designs to life.

Future-Proof Design: Chromateq is committed to innovation and regularly releases software updates, keeping your Club-E1024 ProNet-E interface at the forefront of lighting technology.


Take your lighting control to the next level with the Chromateq Club-E1024 ProNet-E Ethernet DMX Interface. This powerful tool empowers lighting professionals and enthusiasts to unlock their creative potential, delivering stunning light shows that leave a lasting impression.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the Club-E1024 ProNet-E and experience the future of lighting control. Elevate your events, enhance your productions, and create immersive lighting experiences that captivate your audience. Order now and embark on a journey of unparalleled lighting control mastery.

Hardware & DMX (Software & Live) CLUB-E 1024
LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out) 1024 (2×512)
Ethernet (10 Mb/s) Yes (LAN, compatible with Wifi router)
USB-C Yes (5V. DC, 0.2A)
Max interface connected 12 (USB – 24 DMX) / 128 (Ethernet – 256 DMX)
RDM (Remote Device Management, bi-directional DMX communication) Yes, with Pro DMX 2 only
Dimensions (mm / in) H: 90 (3.54), W: 80 (3.15), D: 45 (1.77)
Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification 0.19 Kg (0.42 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
Stand Alone
LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out) 1024 (2×512, 2U.)
Zone (Scene play a time) 1
NODE (Art-Net & sACN to DMX decoder, DHCP, IP, Unicast, broadcast) 2×512 Out per interface
USB Type C Yes
Power 5V. DC, 0.25A input by USB-C
Wi-Light 2 APP Configuration Yes (LAN)
Memory (Stand Alone)
Memory Step capacity 100 ~ 1024 (300 Kb)
Max Scene capacity 512
Triggers (Stand Alone)
Infrared remote (scenes, play, pause, dimmer, speed, black out) Yes (Remote Unit is Optional)
Button NEXT scene or NODE mode selection (hold 5s)
Wi-Light 2 APP, UDP, JSON (requires a WIFI router) Yes (LAN)
UDP / Ethernet triggers and commands (from SDK) Yes