TOUCH 1024 / 512 | DMX Wall Controller


Easy Tactile Glass Panel.
The new TOUCH DMX Lighting control interface comes with a sleek design and visually intuitive multifunction touch-sensitive surface for all your indoor installations.

Available in two versions, 512 or 1024 channels (2×512). The TOUCH interface Controls up to two universes across five zones with the TOUCH 1024 or control one split universe with five pages of scene memory with the TOUCH 512. Both models offer instant playback of up to forty custom programmed scenes.

Up to 200 scene memory using Global Scene option with TOUCH 1024 in page mode or up to 40 scenes by grouping zones.

Additional information

Are you ready to take your lighting control to the next level? Look no further than the Chromateq Touch, the ultimate solution for achieving stunning lighting effects with unprecedented ease. Whether you’re a professional lighting designer, a DJ, a nightclub owner, or simply an enthusiast looking to create mesmerizing light shows, the Chromateq Touch is your gateway to limitless creative possibilities.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: The Chromateq Touch features a sleek, user-friendly touchscreen interface that makes programming and controlling your lighting setup a breeze. With its responsive and intuitive design, you can create stunning light shows with just a few taps.
  2. Versatile Compatibility: This powerful controller is compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures, including LED strips, moving heads, lasers, and more. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing lighting equipment, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for any event.
  3. Extensive Lighting Effects Library: Access an extensive library of pre-programmed lighting effects, colors, and patterns, allowing you to instantly transform any space into a visual masterpiece. Customization options are endless, giving you the freedom to tailor your lighting to suit any mood or theme.
  4. Live Control and Playback: Take center stage with the Chromateq Touch’s live control capabilities. Effortlessly adjust lighting cues, colors, and intensity in real-time, synchronizing the visuals with the beat of the music or the energy of the crowd.
  5. DMX and Art-Net Compatibility: With DMX and Art-Net support, the Chromateq Touch seamlessly integrates into professional lighting setups. You can connect and control multiple fixtures with precision, ensuring a synchronized and flawless lighting display.
  6. Compact and Portable: The Chromateq Touch’s sleek and compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go professionals. Take it to gigs, events, or installations with ease, and always be ready to impress your audience with captivating lighting experiences.
  7. Reliable and Durable: Crafted with quality and durability in mind, the Chromateq Touch is built to withstand the rigors of the entertainment industry. Count on it for dependable performance night after night.

Why Choose Chromateq Touch?

When you choose the Chromateq Touch, you’re investing in a lighting control solution that offers both simplicity and sophistication. Unlock your creative potential, dazzle your audience, and elevate your lighting experiences to new heights. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or simply want to enhance your events, the Chromateq Touch is your ticket to a world of dazzling lights and unforgettable moments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your lighting control. Visit Chromateq today and discover how the Chromateq Touch can transform your lighting visions into breathtaking reality. Elevate your lighting, elevate your artistry, with Chromateq Touch.


Hardware & DMX (Software & Live) TOUCH 512 TOUCH 1024
LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out) 512 (Split x2) 1024 (2×512)
2022 Chromateq software Yes (Free, no year additional fees)
USB-C Yes (5V. DC, 0.2A)
Max interface connected 12 (USB)
RJ45 connector Yes (Smart contacts, M/S, Infrared, Light sensor)
7 Pin Terminal Block Yes (DMXA, DMXB, Power)
Power Input / Output 5~24V DC, 0.2A / 5V
ABS, glass (panel) Housing Yes
International Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions (mm / in) H: 144 (5.67) / W: 97 (3.82) / D: 10 (0.39)
Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification 0.2 Kg (0.44 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
Worldwide Technical Support 1024 (2×512, 2U.)
Stand Alone
DMX Out (16-bit channels) 512 (1U. split x2) 1024 (2U. 2×512)
Zone (Scene play a time, Stand Alone) 1 5
ZONE combinations No Yes
Fine wheel control Yes, RGB colour, RGBWA-UV, cold and warm white, CCT
Standby panel display animations Yes
MASTER / SLAVE Synchro (Wired) Yes (32 max wired)
Power Input: 5~24V DC, 0.1A / Output: 5V DC
Memory (Stand Alone)
Memory Step capacity 5K ~ 20K 2K ~ 10K
Zone (Scene play a time, Stand Alone) 1 5
ZONE combinations No Yes
Fine wheel control Yes, RGB colour, RGBWA-UV, cold and warm white, CCT
Standby panel display animations Yes
MASTER / SLAVE Synchro (Wired) Yes (32 max wired)
Power Input: 5~24V DC, 0.1A / Output: 5V DC
Triggers (Stand Alone)
Tactile buttons (5 Pages, 4 modes, 8 scenes) Yes Yes (5 Zones / Pages)
RTC (Built in Clock and Calendar) Yes (with Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)
Smart Contacts (on, on/off, release, start, priority) 4 (15 contacts max)
DMX In Trigger & Merge DMX Yes (signal from other DMX devices)
Master / Slave Yes (x32 wired)
Commands from the Contacts (speed, dimmer) Yes (speed, scene, dimmer, zone, black out, pause)
Mode activation setting Yes